NELMA & Akwaaba Film Screening: L’Abri


Join NELMA and Akwaaba on Monday 27th February at 7pm at Hackney Picturehouse for an evening against refugee and migrant homelessness.

The evening will feature a Q&A with expert speakers, followed by a screening of Fernand Melgar’s L’Abri (The Shelter, 2014), which charts a cold winter at a refuge for homeless migrants in Lausanne, where those on duty have the nightly task of ‘sorting the poor’ and choosing fifty who can take shelter.

Join us to learn more about the issue of refugee and migrant homelessness – and find out how you can help.

All proceeds will go to Akwaaba, a Hackney-based social centre for refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants; and North East London Migrant Action (NELMA), a campaigning and solidarity group.

Tickets £5
Film rating: 18

We are looking to raise important funds for NELMA and Akwaaba through ticket sales on the night, but understand that not everyone may be in a position to buy a ticket. For anyone who would like to come along, but feel they are not able to pay an entrance fee, please contact and we will happily add you to our guest list for free.


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