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Twitter storm – Thursday 23rd November 10am-12pm

On 21st-23rd November, a Judicial Review is taking place against a Home Office policy detaining and deporting hundreds of European rough sleepers, simply for being homeless. This policy is sinister, feeding into the government’s ‘hostile environment’ agenda. Three of London’s largest homelessness charities—St. Mungo’s, Thames Reach and Change, Grow, Live – formerly known as Crime Reduction Initiative—alongside the Greater London Authority (GLA), local borough councils, and the Mayor of London are collaborating with the Home Office to have EU (European Union) rough sleepers detained without charge and removed to their country of origin purely on the basis that they are rough sleeping.

St Mungo’s, Thames Reach and Change, Grow, Live’s outreach teams are helping the Home Office implement the policy through a culture of information sharing, joint patrols and “local cooperation agreements”. Joint working between homelessness charities and the Home Office turns outreach workers into border guards, preventing homeless people from seeking help, in the name of reducing numbers by any means necessary. You can read more about our campaign against charity collaboration here.

We don’t want St Mungo’s, Thames Reach or Change, Grow, Live to get off lightly, even though they aren’t being tried in Court. As evidenced by Corporate Watch, these charities pushed for increased collaboration with immigration enforcement and helped to bring this divisive policy into being. We’re calling on St Mungo’s, Thames Reach, and Change, Grow, Live to immediately stop collaborating with ICE in the detention and removal of EU nationals rough sleeping.

Please join us on Thursday 23rd November—the last day of the hearing—in creating a Twitter storm against these charities between 10am-12pm (but feel free to start before and continue after!) We’re asking people to Tweet St Mungo’s (@StMungos), Thamesreach (@ThamesReach), and Change, Grow, Live (@changegrowlive). We’re using the hashtag #CutTheCollaboration to help keep track of them.

We’ve included some sample tweets below which will easily allow you to express your anger:

Sample tweet 1

Sample tweet 2

Sample tweet 3

Sample tweet 4

Sample tweet 5

We’ve also got some graphics (see below) to help the storm get more attention!

Please share this information with your networks and help us show solidarity with vulnerable migrants in our communities!


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