Join Nelma’s Free School Meals Campaign Picnic – 20th July

Lunch is not a luxury!
Join nelma’s free school meals campaign picnic

Saturday 20 July 2019 | 1pm–4pm | Rain or shine!
Clissold Park, in the green space across from cafe, close to the entrance across from St Mary’s Church. If it is raining, you can find us inside the church!

free food and drink / children’s activities / speeches / pay what you can NELMA free school meals campaign t-shirts and badges available on the day / learn about NELMA/ get involved

NELMA demands:

  • Free school meals for all children in primary and secondary school education, regardless of immigration status! We reject the distinction that means that some children are treated as ‘deserving’ of free school meals and others are treated as ‘undeserving’.
  • Clear all debts incurred by families to pay for school meals, when they are prevented from accessing free school meals due to having No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF).
  • That the government adequately funds schools so that they can provide universal free school meals!
  • Abolish the NRPF condition! This is state violence and a form of racist immigration control. All people deserve housing, support, and a decent life.

Forming part of the UK Home Office’s “hostile environment” policy, a person with NRPF is prohibited from accessing specified welfare benefits and public housing. The effects of NRPF extend to the Department of Education denying free school meals to some of the most destitute children in the country. Unequal access to free school meals causes alienation, and bolsters systemic racism in schools and the wider community.

Join us for an afternoon picnic and activities on 20 July to learn more about  the Free School Meals campaign and to support it to succeed!

Nelma’s free school meals campaign so far:

  • NELMA launched the FSM campaign in September 2018, calling for free school meals for all who need them, regardless of immigration status, and for schools to be adequately funded so that they can provide this. We held a picnic at St. Mary’s Church in Stoke Newington, with free food and drink, speeches from children denied free school meals. For more details, see:
    NELMA’s FSM postcard campaign is ongoing, raising awareness of the impact of the lack of free school meals provision to destitute migrant families, with a view to sending postcards to the Department of Education. Get in touch to sign a postcard or get some for your school or organisation:
  • NELMA members are supporting each other, writing letters to schools to ask for free school meals and for debts for school meal chargesto be cleared.


About NELMA:

NELMA brings together activists from across London to campaign on issues faced by migrants in vulnerable positions in our communities. As a network of volunteers that aims to centre the experiences and amplify the voices of migrant people, NELMA challenges injustices towards families with no recourse to public funds (NRPF), through our Section 17 Accompanying Scheme, and active campaigns. NELMA’s current campaign focuses on free school meals (FSM) for all children, regardless of immigration status. Between 2016-2017, NELMA coordinated a campaign against the Home Office’s policy of detaining and deporting EEA national rough sleepers. We hold regular general meetings and Section 17 Accompanying Scheme trainings.